Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In my fourth week

So, I have now been Brazil living for a week now!... And, let me just say this, I have already gained 7 pounds.. I know  what you're all thinking. .but I get to lift everyday so I am going to pretend thats why and not because we eat so much here. 
For breakfast they have these panini things, at first I was skeptical because who eats sandwhiches for breakfast.. I dont.. But, I do now and they are so good!  I have 3 every morning and if I don't get them I have seperation issues the rest of the day. Its awesome though, because I never ate breakfast before and now I eat like a 12 course meal for breakfast alone.. I am really glad they make us run 5 laps on the track here every atividade fisica time.
Lets see, today is my 2nd pday this week because the CTM prez thinks im the bomb.. not really but he is so funny.  We got to go to the Campinas Brazil Temple today, and it was the coolest Temple I have been to!  Seriously, so cool and awesome! I am definitely making a trip back when I am home! After the Temple we walked the streets and I bought hand carved scripture cases and pick them up in 2 weeks. I also bought a tie, and of course a churro because here they go all out for churro's. They are fresh and they fill them with melted chocolate and caramel and they are soooooo good.  May or may not have bought 3.. but that is beside the point!
Okay, so there is this Elder named Elder Zenteno from Bolivia and he looks like the little chunky orphanage kid from Nacho Libre and he decided it is the funniest thing to tell everyone that its my Birthday.. everyday..  So, I get all these Brazilians telling me happy birthday with the little english they can muster up, and I have to try and explain it is actually not indeed my birthday. The dissapointment on there faces is undescribable when they realize it isnt my birthday..  Also, this Elder Zenteno without fail comes into my room every night!  I mean every night, and asks to see my pictures of Ally and then tries to leave and take them saying OBRIGADO ELDER PHICH (because thats the only way he can say my name) and I am like NO those are not for you (hahahaha) he is soo funny!  But, he also is the biggest hugger and tells me goodnight every night and hugs me, and then has to take a picture with me..  Again, did i say every night (haha)  He is the most loving guy you could meet!
There are only 3 of us Elders total in my whole district and so we are all companions.  Also.. its nice because it makes focusing better, but its also a lot harder, but my companions are awesome!  Also I cannot believe Sweet is starting school already.. Mind=blown!!!  Seriously, that is so crazy and she looks soooooo cute!  Send me those pics if you can!  I think it takes about a week for mail to get here and like 4 for mine to get there..  But, keep sending them I need letters!  I loved everyones emails!  Sorry if I couldnt reply,  I only get 40 minutes here but keep emailing me I love reading them, makes my whole week better!
Well, can't think of a whole lot more to say other than I am loving being a Missionary and am growing so much!  The Church is true and the Lord knows us all personally!  Love you all soooo much!!
Warm Regards,
Elder Marcus Phipps

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