Saturday, August 10, 2013

This is the Lords work

Well, technically my P-day is Wednesday, but i smoothed talked the CTM President to give me one today.. and another on Wednesday. So, I am pretty pumped about this week! Also, I am in Brazil so its way more awesome! I met the new comp and unfortunately he had been having problems not wanting to be on a Mission.  I tried everything I could to help him out and convince him he should stay because this is the Lords work.  But he just doesnt feel ready, so he left for home last night. In saying that, I think I now hold the new record for most companions in the MTC! I just joined a trio and will most likely get a new companion next week  as more missionaries should be coming. I have been here almost 3 weeks now, and I am already on my 3rd set of companions.. but all i can do is love em!
The food here is soooooo good its amazing! They go all out feasts every meal! I am eating so much!  Also, this morning I went to the Sao Paulo Temple and that was a way cool experience. So much different in Portuguese, but its all the same and the Church is still true!  Even if I couldnt understand what they were saying at most points I still had the same peaceful feelings.  After emailing i get to tour the city and go to shops and and other places in Sao Paulo. Im so excited, there is so much more you can do here than in provo!
Funny story.. so the native missionaries here in the CTM are hilarious and love americans! So, last night one was asking about if I had a girlfriend and I told him yes. He asked to see a photo so I pull one out and he takes it and says.. thank you, I am going to keep this to always look at because your girlfriend is muito quente (very hot) and then walked away.. Of course he said all that in Portuguese and I had to try and tell him that I was not giving him the photo, I was just showing him... So in conclusion I have one less photo of Ally unil I can get it back haha.. but I am sure I will soon because he is in my room causing trouble everynight!
Well i love the CTM so far and its way more difficult because i have to basically live off of Portuguese, but its helping me learn so much faster.  Also cool spiritual thought, the Church really is the same no matter where you go! And its true everywhere you go, no doubt about it! I cant wait to share it with non fake investigators!  I hope all is well on the other side and thanks for all the support and love!
Also here is my new address please send letters i miss my people!
Elder Marcus Phipps
Brazil MTC
Rua Padre Antonio D´Angelo, 121
Casa verde
02516-040 Sao Paulo-SP
55 11-3856-1400
Love you guys!
Warm Regards,
Elder Marcus Phipps

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