Saturday, August 10, 2013

First P-Day

Whaddduppp my followers!
I dont even know where to begin.. Other than living in my room I have an 18 year old Southern boy who everytime he opens his mouth I start crying becasue he makes me laugh so hard!  His accent is awesome, I cant take it! I made it one week so I guess i proved the majority of the population wrong that I can maybe do this whole mission thing.  My companion's  name is Elder Gibb, and well he is a very nice person! He is very quiet, and i can count how many times he has laughed on one hand, so my goal everyday is to get him to laugh and I have succeeded 3 times which is quite impressive in one week! He is from Seattle and from the side looks somewhat like Will Ferell. He can also grow this full beard so he has to shave like ever 15 seconds, so he makes fun of me!  So, this morning he was all ready to go and I sat there and shaved for I kid you not 20 minutes and he was so confused he just kinda would watch and then finally asked what could you possibly be shaving?? haha!  The other 2 roomates i have are pretty cool!  I actually slept walked last night for the first time in the MTC.  I went over and woke Elder Blalock (southern accent elder) and asked for napkins because Elder Gibb spilled his drink and he got up then realized Elder Gibb was over there completely asleep and was like he doesnt need any. I appearantly said yes he does he got some on his shirt and thats when it clicked for Elder blalock so he told me to go back to sleep and I layed down in his bed and he made me get into mine and then 10 minutes later I got up again and went to the bathroom and he got up and said where are you going, I said just to the bathroom.  Then he said that he just started hearing the paper towel dispensor go off like 15 times and I walked back in with a stack of napkins and placed 3 or 4 on everyone while sleeping and then took the rest back to my bed to sleep with me. I dont remember any of this but they all loved it.  So... the moral of the story is I am even willing to look out for my companion at all times.
ALSO! Ally and I are back together in the same place! lessss gooooo! She always looks so good!! and her sisters were very excited to meet me! haha  I see Sister Mod a few times a day even tho we arent on the same schedule.  So, we get to talk every once in a while but its usually when im leaving for somewhere and shes just getting to the place im leaving from because I get to be on a half hour earlier schedule than everyone else.. and I still go to bed (well supposed to) at the same time as everyone else but I was never a big fan of sleeping anyway so I dont mind it.  I like my district a lot the other Elders are pretty cool and the language is coming along pretty well!  Even tho I always catch myself mixing Portuguese and Spanish together, which just gets confusing but so far so good its only been a week!  Also, Elder Low is in my zone and lives in the room next door so that is really fun! and Nick is just on the floor under me so I see him a lot at night but not so much during the day cuz I am on the earlier schedule!
Mom have you heard anything else on my visa? Also thanks so much for the letters and dear elders they are the best!  I love getting them cuz its nice to read at night.  Its always incredibly busy class, class, study, study, eat sometimes, sleep barely, then repeat but I KNOW its what I am supposed to be doing!
Much love to the fam and all my fans!! 
Much Love,
Elder Marcus Phipps

Elder Phipps and Elder Nick Holmes


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