Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hey peeps! I made it to Brazil safe and sound! The traveling was long, but the 11 hour flight went by faster than I thought it would. I havent really met my companion yet, but its so awesome here. This CTM is so nice, and the natives are so funny! Also, the food here is a million times better than it is in Provo.  The first meal they welcomed us with Brazilian chicken and this other meat, with all this other stuff!  Rice and beans and such, and its all so good!! Its so weird, it doesnt feel like im out of the Country, its just a weird feeling.  Also this computer doesnt do question marks so thats interesante!  Also, its different here than it is in Provo, on P-day we get to leave the campus and walk around Sao Paulo and go to shops and eat food and all kinds of things. I dont know a lot more, except I can tell I am going to be required to speak a lot more portuguese here!  Haha, I know huge shocker..  Also mom.. I am not sure how your gonna get the camera to me.. I hear go to I think or org or something and you click on the Brazil link to see how and what you can send stuff.. so look at that and we will try to figure it out. might get a Pday Friday, but if not on wednesday!
Love you guys!!

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