Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Well i would like to start of this week with a funny story that took place. Sunday we had lunch at the Bishops house. We ate outside. I went to use the bathroom and as i entered the house their son with about 5 yrs. is sitting in the living room playing video games. Normal. I use the bathroom and on my way out he stops me and says, ``Hey what are you doing`` I replied with `` i was in the bathroom`` .. He then makes a valid question.. ``Oh yeah and what were you doing in the bathroom?`` I pondered the valid question and replied..``I was peeing my friend`` and this is where he caught me offgaurd.. His response was this genuine compliment.. ``Oh, You pee really well!`` I  told the Bishop after and we cracked up a good while. 

Well this week was absolutely insane. There was another emergency transfer in our zone and so we had to be in a tri-companionship for the week caring for two areas.. As for our baptisms they didnt happen.. one needs to get married and the others had to work so this week they didnt happen, but they are firm so this transfer they will for sure! Unfortunately i will not be there to see them because i have been transfered yet again.. I am pretty sad becasue i am leaving a ward i really had grown to love in a real short time, but i am excited for my new calling and oppurtunity. I will now be serving up in Cuiaba as assistent to the Prez.. I am real nervous but i know the Lord will help me out along the way. I am excited though to get to work more closely with President and really build a bond with him.  I guess we will just have to see how it goes, i dont know too much still about it all. 

Well thats about all i have you you guys this week, But thanks for all the constant love and support. I love and miss you all! 

Tender Hugs,
Elder Phipps

1.) Irma Iza who made dinner for us about everynight.. she is the reason i gained like 6 pounds this month!
2.) Bispo and the fam.. Clever Son!
3.) My other fav fam. Marilene and Morgana made Beijinho (Kisses) for me going away.
4.) Fam from Coronel Ant. When i passed there came to visit me sunday. Their boy Nicholos is huge now than from when i last saw them, Look back at the fotos i have sent to see the difference!
5.) Family Night!!

P.s. Also forgot to mention last sunday my companion and I sang in sacrament meeting and everyone cried.. i am not sure if it ws because i sing THAT bad.. or why but i can now cross sing in sacrament meeting off my mission bucket list ahhaha..

Monday, July 21, 2014

Whatup My People!

Well i dont have too much time this week, but glad to hear everyone is doing well. This week was good, the zone is getting much better! As for my comp and I looks like we should have 3 baptisms this week, but we might push 2 back another week, but i have faith! One is Lucas who is the husband of a less active family. He is super awesome and progressing a ton! Our last lesson was really spriritual and when we tried to commit him to baptism he thought for a little while and said that he doesnt feel completely ready, but he trusts us and knows we will get him ready for the 26th! He also told us he really wants us to baptize him because we have helped him so much! They are a family real special! 

This week as we were visiting our 77 yr old less active Jaíra.. I told her i didnt know how to dance very well.. she then jumped up, grabbed me by the arm and made me dance with her.. hahah it was hilarious. She then told me i need to practice to dance more with her because i dance terrible... hah The member we were with was cracking up trying to take pics becasue she thought is was priceless. As Sweet always used to tell me ´´umm Uncle Marcus you need to practice`` looks like her advice still applies today. 

Other than that i dont have too much to report on this week, but know i love you all !!

Much love for my people,

Elder Phipps

1.) My lovely dance partner
2.)Brasil livin
3.) My city

Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 201

Well it was another awesome week! At the beginning I was a little nervous how the first week would be because it would give me a good idea of how the transfer was going to go, but I had nothing to worry about . My new comp and I were able to have a super successful week!
On wednesday all of our appt. fell through.. Every single last one, so we decided our only goal for the day was to find an elect. We hit house after house and had a few that seemed curious but were busy and other's that wanted nothing to do with us. Anyway after a long day of passing house after house I was about ready to call it a day but we decided on going to one more house.. (Im sure you guys can imagine how this story is going to go) But this guy answers and says we can come back tomorow night. Perfect we will return. The next day was much like the previous.. not a whole lot of luck.. but as we returned to that house as our last appt. and he wasnt there.. but his sister, Tainá,  with about 22 years greeted us and invited us in. She seemed super interested and something about her seemed a little diferente. We taught her the Restauration and she began to cry.. she told us she had prayed yesterday for an oppurtunity to return to church and have more peace and she expressed during our lesson she felt this overwhelming peace. She accepted to be baptized march 8!! She was the elect we were looking for! We returned the next day and we asked how her day was and if she prayed to know  it was true.. she told us all day it was a super stressful day but she had this continual peace with her. She knew it was her answer and we taught her how the Holy Ghost is our constant companion after baptism and brings this peace and feelings. She is super excited to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost!
We found and started working with many others that seem very interested and excited! I am excited to see where this week takes us and the progression of Tainá and our other investigators.
I miss and love you all so much and hope you have another great week!
Also, Mitch.. Good luck with College papers! You got this for sure!
Thanks for the support and love,
Elder Marcus Phipps

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Well, I will go ahead and kick off this one with tranfers.. I stayed! I am super pumped because I love this Ward and this área! My companion was transfered though so I am gonna miss that guy. 
Anyway I turned Senior Comp. and my new companion is Elder Lino. Gonna be a real tough transfer but I am excited for the challenges and new experiences!
Last P-day we went to this place called CRAS which is like a zoo here for endagered and trafficked animals here in Brasil. I love the birds here! They had Tucans and Araras which are my 2 fav birds. They had a bunch of monkeys.. even a monkey dog that kept trying to reach and take my câmera.. maybe new favorite animal! And, even had a Cougar! That made me a little homesick wanting to go back to BYU!  But hey its all good, it was soo cool! I got a lot of awesome pics of all the animals!
This week I dont really have too much to report unfortunately. Gabriela was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost this Sunday which was way cool. She even bought this little dress so she could start wearing it to Church.. gotta love the little sis. 
This week I was pretty distracted because they started this world cup promotion. You have to find 4 coke caps and pay 3 reis and you get a mini waterbottle of teams around the world.. I am determined to collect them all so as I am walking the streets I always have my eyes looking for coke caps! Its so addicting!
Also, Sunday we spent our last night of the transfer at Helena´s house. Her daughter made us mexican food!! It was soo good and it has been too long since I have had mexican tacos. She also made guacamole and I am in love with her homemade guac.. seriously. We also made chocolate cake obviously because someone was craving chocolate.. I am not sure who..
Valentines Day got pretty crazy too... I did missionary work.. but anyway it was a good last week! I am super pumped for this transfer, gonna be a tough one, but we got a lot of really great things going on here in Coronel Antonino!

I miss and love you all as always,
Elder Marcus Phipps

Monday, February 10, 2014

The week of loooooove!

Well might as well kick the letter off with a quick Happy Valentines to all you love birds out there!
Okay that is enough of that.. 

Well this week was good! My companion and I were out working all week but at the end our numbers didnt feel too rewarding.. 
But we had a baptism so it was all worth it! This week we baptized a 12 year old girl and she is super awesome! She is literally like my little sister.. we are Always joking with each other and she is super funny! Her name is Gabriela. She was super awesome to teach because she is super smart and understands everything. She also has a pretty funny imagination, so she asks a lot of deep questions that get me.. like one time she asked if it was possible that heaven is inside the sun.. I mean its a valid question..! Anyway It was super cool though because all week when we were teaching her she would always say team with the tie says first prayer and team of the house says closing prayer.. And then at her baptism she came up to me and said team with the tie says first prayer and I say the closing prayer.. just like when we would teach her. It was super awesome as she said the closing prayer in front of everyone there and it was perfect! I am not really sure how to say this in english, but she is padrãozinha! I am super excited for her and her being baptized is super awesome because she is a niece of a less active named Daniela and she came and brought her family and so she is helping them be more active and more excited about church!
Other than that this week was pretty average. We walked in the Sun a lot. Talked and met a ton of cool people. And had some pretty cool lessons. Jonny told us he received an answer to his prayers but that he wants another answer and he has said that now 3 times.. so I told him he has got his answer and now he needs to follow it. He told me he will pray and fast about if he should follow all the answers he has received.. so I guess thats progress? Anyway we will see this week!
Today for pday we are going to go to this mini zoo and see all the animals in this region. I am super excited because I have seen some pretty sweet Birds here but i want close ups! Any we got a tour guide and are going to explore with the guide a little bit!

Well, its the last week of the transfers so everyone is starting to get nervous.. I dont ever want to leave this área.. It will be super hard when this day comes. I really feel like a giant Family here with the members of this Ward. Last night we went to Moms house (Brasilian mom Helena) and we made Brownies and mango juice.. I LOVE BROWNIES AND CHOCOLATE!
Miss and hope you all have a great love filled week with lots of chocolate for valentines day..!
Much love,
Sweet Lips Phipps

Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcome to the 20's!

Well I have now been 20 for 3 days and I have already learned a few important things:
1.) When you Wake up, you usually have odd pains in the back.
2.) You gain lots of weight in the belly área.
3.) Your hair starts turning grey.. wait thats later in life..
I need to start writing things down to share what happens during the week, because everything just kinda meshes together and I feel like I forget a lot of things.. but hey it was another great week here in Coronel Antonino of Campo Grande! 
My companion and I have been continuing on working super hard with contacts and it has been pushing our work and blessings to the next level. We are finding some great people which is starting to turn into success. We have 5 baptisms marked as of now from just last week so we just gotta throw them in some water and help them stay Strong!
This week we continued to help Jonny and he is a little difficult because he thinks too hard about things and ends up confusing himself. We have taught the Restoration like 4 times, and he still tries to think that families are symbolism for getting revelation about fasting and idk what else.. BUT he continued to tell us ``it isnt his time yet`` and I told him look here Jonny its your time and he told us about a dream he had and asked us what it meant, I told him it means he needs to get baptized and it will only bless his life. He looks at me and said ``i think its my time!`` So I marked him for the 9th.. Just gotta help him stay on this train of thought and help him stay Strong!
This week we also found a super cool Family and they accepted to be baptized! They are super awesome and curious about everything which is good! We will continue to help them and get to know them better. And our last date is a niece of a member and she moved here and we brought her to church and she liked it so much she wants to get baptized. She has 12 years and is super cool! We are going to baptise her saturday and confirm her sunday!
The work is going on! 
It was cool to be a missionary on my birthday.. Only get that oppurtunity 2 times in my life so I gotta take advantage, I also bought a lot of chocolate and went crazy!
Well I hope all is well with everyone at home and I hope you all have another blessed week! Also I will start preparing myself for Family Fued mom!
Elder BAMF Phipps
``Being around my friends``

Monday, January 27, 2014

I turn 20 this week... :O

Well another week has come and gone and faster than ever. My companion and I had another really good week. Wasnt quite as good as our last week but we are going to work and watching miracles happen! 
This week we had continued to work with all our new investigators, Cecília and her son Weber have a date for the 9th! 
We also have been working with Jonny and his Family this week a lot and he is a very interesting guy, but we had an awesome little experience yesterday with him! So, he has had trouble receiving an answer if he should be baptized and we have a date set with him as a goal but he wants to get an answer. He was been really praying all week trying to get an answer, but everytime we met with him he told us he still hasnt felt it. This was a little discouraging to me because I wanted him to get this answer so bad, but I knew I had to stay patient and not pressure it. Anyway last night he called at 10 pm and started asking about fasting.. I explained you start with prayer and then begin your fast. He told me right then he was going to start a fast to know if we were truly sent to him from God and if he should be baptized.. I was caught so off gaurd and am so confidente he will get his answer as he is puting forth so much Faith! My companion and I decided we should fast with him so we are doing that too. I know he is on the right track! Who knows after he is baptized his whole Family will decide to follow him too! The Lord truly throws little miracles and blessings as we do his work obediently and diligently!
This week my companion and I kept up our contacts goal and had 31 this week! We picked up some really cool new investigators as well! We taught a Family we contacted on Friday and they accepted to be baptized which was super cool! The other thing is she isnt divorced from her last husband and they just moved in together.. this will make the process a lot longer and more complicated but I am excited to continue helping and working with them to get there!
Well I cant believe i am turning 20 this week.. that is just kinda a step back for me.. and I feel super old as I am no longer a teenager anymore. On the bright side 20 is my fav number so after this birthday I will just stay at 20 forever.. kinda like dad is still 44. Well its been a great week and I am excited to keep it going! I think today we are going to play some bball cuz some kid from another Ward challenged me..? no idea how he knows anything about me, but should be fun!
Hope you all have another great week and know I miss and love you all! keep it real!! Last email as a teenager! Peace out youth.

Elder Phippizinho!
1. Got soaked from the rain 3 times in 1 day... its raining A LOT up here.. and its still hot
2. Zone meeting from last week!