Monday, November 25, 2013

Eyyyyy Ai

Lots going on right now! To start the week last monday all the Èlders got together here in Rond. and raced the karts. I made a bet with my companion that who lost between us had to shave only one leg.. and on a turn he rammed me and both of our karts started really slow after, so it was literally a snails race between us.  But my leg is happy to report that I won. So Elder Pereira is currently hairless on his right leg. 
Tuesday we called the mom of a young man that came to church to set up a lesson and she said yes. 
Turns out when we got there she had told us that she has a friend that has been pressuring her to go to church but she always told her friend she will go to church when she finds one that touches her heart.
Not knowing this.. I made the first invite.. ``when god touches your heart that these things really are true, you will be baptized following the example of Jesus Christ?`` She said of course, and we continued with the lesson.. At the end she told us she had been saying NO to everyone who tried to talk about religion with her.. but when we called she said yes without wanting to. She said it felt like she was forced to. And, she told us at the end that because of this we were truly sent from the Lord. It was a really cool experience and testimony builder that Jesus really does prepare his people to hear His message! She and her family have their Baptism this sunday.. Unfortunately Prez Reber is taking us missionaries out of this area completely because its been really dangerous and the members of our area have been so bad. This was sad for me cuz I wont get to be there for the baptism of them but the Elders in the ward close promised to take good care of them for me! 
So as I had just said we are being taken out of this area and its being closed for a little while, and so my companion and I are headed to Campo Grande. Its Mato Grosso do sul. Everyone is jealous becuase it is known to be the `heaven` of the cuiabà mission so on the other hand i am really excited! I have heard it is a 18 hour bus ride and knowing my luck so far with the whole bus ride thing i am a little nervous. We are leaving at Midnight and SHOULD arrive sometime tomorow afternoon, but we will see! 
Also thankyou soo much for the Christmas package! I havent opened any of the letters or things yet but i am diggin the shirt and the notebooks were really needed! I think i will start reading the letters on the long bus ride so I am sure I will have lots to write about next week! 
Well, as always I love you all and wish you the best Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for each of you and all the support. Take some time this week and just focus on the blessings in life, we recieve more than we ever realize! Much Love my people.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Whadup Whadup!

So compared to all the interesting things last week, this week was super normal. 
But I did get my Christmas Package!! I originally was going to try and actually wait to Christmas to open it, but that task is seeming impossible as it sits next to my bed and taunts me every single day.. So I am going to open it tonight! whoo! Last pday I didnt really get to do much cuz on our way back from the lan house ( computer place ) it started raining soooo hard.. so of course, naturally my companion and I went to this place where they have outdoor race go karts to race on the wet surface.. but they wouldnt let us.. I almost convinced them with `` but think of the pictures youll get of us to hang in your store`` but nope. But I think we are going to race them today and maybe play soap soccer.. I dont really know what that is either but I guess I will find out.. I am thinking you play soccer with soap..? 
But I'm pretty excited to shred the tracks. Some people call me the Danica Patrick of my generation.
Also heard the Chiefs lost, but its okay I am not worried. I have recieved very important Intel that they are looking to sign Andris Biedrins to the team. He made great impressions at last years combines but was overlooked when he chose basketball. He now tells me he will be suiting up for both sports. So basically we will see the Chiefs in the Bowl.
I also named my neighbor horse friend.. I named him Dillard.. he just looked like a Dillard. Trust me you would have given the same name if you guys could see him. I am in the middle of training him for the next horse derby and I think he has a really great shot at winning. I am also training my brazillian comp. here to be jockey because derby regulations state that I am indeed too tall but I am looking to find a way. 

As for this week I dont have a whole lot to report. My companions knees are still having big trouble and so the work has been a little more difficult. But President Reber ( MIssion Prez) made the journey down here to Rondonòpolis to have interviews and to check up on us. My interview was great.. It went a little like this.. Elder, everything well? Everything is great Prez. Well I have already heard great things from your two companions and you're already speaking the language extremely well.  So... all is well have any questions for me? ... Literally so short and everyone else took a long time and after told me prez was getting after them a little bit ( in a loving way of course) 
But made me feel good that prez already loves me. After my comp said he told prez I am ready to be a zone leader or assistant to the prez and started laughing.. and well now I am really nervous about transfers...

But all here is great still.. Our baptism is moved to next sunday because we are still working on getting the signature.. but we have other people who are progressing also so I am faithful despite the many hardships and determined to baptize here this week! 

Well I love you all and wish you all a great week! 

Elder Marc Daddy

Monday, November 11, 2013

Interesting Week

Sooo this week was extremely interesting.. EXTREMELY interesting! 
So, this week was pretty slow.. started the week off in the Hospital for my companions knees. Gave him medicine and we will see what they will do after the meds dont help. Because of my companions knees, the work this week was a little slow.. I think he is going to be transfrered to work in the mission office in Cuiaba, but we will see.

So, Wednesday I woke up about 4 am out on the street..? I guess I slept walked again, but I am just glad I wasnt too far from the house.  And, I luckily recognized where I was cuz it could have been very interesting if I woke up lost. 
But even so, it was one of the most disorienting experiences to wake up on the street.. hahaha I am soo weird. 
As if that wasnt enough akward sleeping experiences in one week, I woke up friday morning with a Cat in my bed.. I was so freaked when I woke up.  Man I jumped out of Bed so fast.. My companion joked saying I must have slept walked and robbed someones cat but I am pretty positive the cat just came into the house and decided to snuggle on up.. So basically what I am trying to say is my sleep was absolutley great this week and was perfect. ( just to make Edee happy ) 

Friday night we had dinner with my Brazilian buddy who speaks english.. and it was one of the most interesting nights. He took us to a really nice restaurant cuz I am american. Ordered for me, saying thats what americans eat. The whole time he talked about how great america is and that brazilian people are stupid and all these ridiculous things, and my companion started to get a little offended I think.  I was just trying hard not to laugh at how serious this guy was about america. He wants to be buried in an American flag with pink floyd playing in the background.  (pretty classy funeral if you ask me ). He also started dancing really strange and said oh this is how americans dance.. So of course to egg him on I mimicked his dancing.  He then told me he was more american than I was and I said okay hold up there pal.... too far..... But he was a really cool guy, he left everything he loved in America to marry his wife here and support their son.. I have respect for that. I helped him write a letter in English to his sons who live in NJ and wont talk to him, and he said some pretty angry things so I simply wrote nice things cuz he cant really read english and sent it haha  Hopefully his sons enjoy the letter. Oh one last thing about him.. at dinner he told me he was a Criminal, and did money laundry and at first I hear murdered somebody because of his accent. But it was indeed money laundry. So after being scared almost all dinner that he murdered somebody, it was good to clarify he did money laundry.. But he already served his time and honestly could see he is trying to change. It was a great night!

Sunday came and both our baptism fell through because the mom wont give us her signature for her kids... but we reactivated one of her sons that was already baptized and he went out 3 times with us this week and is preparing for his mission in 2 years. So hopefully through him, one day his mom will give signatures for the other children. BUT we marked another baptism for next sunday with another young man with 14 years named Wàtila and hopefully his mom will give permission.. Pray for the signature!  Also sunday when i arrived Bispo asked me to conduct the first meeting and lesson ( without prep. ) and I did it and it went good (law of chastity) thanks Bishop.. and then Sacrament meeting came and last minute he asked me to give a talk for 10 minutes so I winged that one too.. haha was a great Sunday! Will relate my talk next week, this email is already longer than the winning streak the pacers are going to have (Matt) GO WARRIORS.. Steph Curry!
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Love you all so much and hope you have another great week!

Elder Marcus Phipps

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hey Hey!

What Up My People!

Just want to start the letter off by welcoming back the NBA season.. you were missed. Expecting big things from the Warriors this year and expecially this years MVP Andris Biedrins. 

So this week I got to speak a lot of English and I was actually really struggling. 
Its funny how that happens.  I always told myself I dont understand how people cant just speak english normal when speaking other languages, and that will never happen with me.. But its happening! 
I contacted a man who lived in the U.S. for 23 years and his son is super rich, and left him here in Brasil. And he cant get back without certain things.. So saturday I am going to help him send a letter to his son.. Should be interesting because he didnt make it sound like a happy letter. But, he wants the missionaries there to help him, and we are going to teach him this week.. In english.. ( I dont know how to teach in English) but he used to work at olive garden and he is a crazy good chef!  He told us he is going to make us dinner every night this week, so I am cool with that.  He gets mad every time I speak in portuguese or mess up english, and every other sentence he says that he hates brasil. He is pretty cool though, I think I am going to like teaching him. I was trying to tell him a story and I frequently say when I had 14 years.. which doesnt make a lot of sense but thats how they say it here so I am just really confused in both languages now. 

Also, here in Brasil they dont celebrate Halloween.. Sooo that was the most depressing halloween of my life.. So to make up for it I bought 40 dollars (exaggeration) worth of candy.. Yay marcus and his sweet tooth were satisfied! Well for 2 days cuz I already ate it all.  I have a problem with candy and chocolate I have decided. 

The work here has been good!  The members have been great at helping here and giving refrences, which is making life a million times better.  And lessons are always better with members.
But, we have 2 baptism dates for this Sunday so I am pretty excited about that. 
Also have a lot of lessons already planned with members this week so should be a great week! 

Well I love you guys and hope you all had a wonderful week with lots of candy!

Warmest and most tender regards with a side a sincerity,
Elder Marcus ``buckets´´ Phipps