Monday, November 4, 2013

Hey Hey!

What Up My People!

Just want to start the letter off by welcoming back the NBA season.. you were missed. Expecting big things from the Warriors this year and expecially this years MVP Andris Biedrins. 

So this week I got to speak a lot of English and I was actually really struggling. 
Its funny how that happens.  I always told myself I dont understand how people cant just speak english normal when speaking other languages, and that will never happen with me.. But its happening! 
I contacted a man who lived in the U.S. for 23 years and his son is super rich, and left him here in Brasil. And he cant get back without certain things.. So saturday I am going to help him send a letter to his son.. Should be interesting because he didnt make it sound like a happy letter. But, he wants the missionaries there to help him, and we are going to teach him this week.. In english.. ( I dont know how to teach in English) but he used to work at olive garden and he is a crazy good chef!  He told us he is going to make us dinner every night this week, so I am cool with that.  He gets mad every time I speak in portuguese or mess up english, and every other sentence he says that he hates brasil. He is pretty cool though, I think I am going to like teaching him. I was trying to tell him a story and I frequently say when I had 14 years.. which doesnt make a lot of sense but thats how they say it here so I am just really confused in both languages now. 

Also, here in Brasil they dont celebrate Halloween.. Sooo that was the most depressing halloween of my life.. So to make up for it I bought 40 dollars (exaggeration) worth of candy.. Yay marcus and his sweet tooth were satisfied! Well for 2 days cuz I already ate it all.  I have a problem with candy and chocolate I have decided. 

The work here has been good!  The members have been great at helping here and giving refrences, which is making life a million times better.  And lessons are always better with members.
But, we have 2 baptism dates for this Sunday so I am pretty excited about that. 
Also have a lot of lessons already planned with members this week so should be a great week! 

Well I love you guys and hope you all had a wonderful week with lots of candy!

Warmest and most tender regards with a side a sincerity,
Elder Marcus ``buckets´´ Phipps

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