Monday, November 18, 2013

Whadup Whadup!

So compared to all the interesting things last week, this week was super normal. 
But I did get my Christmas Package!! I originally was going to try and actually wait to Christmas to open it, but that task is seeming impossible as it sits next to my bed and taunts me every single day.. So I am going to open it tonight! whoo! Last pday I didnt really get to do much cuz on our way back from the lan house ( computer place ) it started raining soooo hard.. so of course, naturally my companion and I went to this place where they have outdoor race go karts to race on the wet surface.. but they wouldnt let us.. I almost convinced them with `` but think of the pictures youll get of us to hang in your store`` but nope. But I think we are going to race them today and maybe play soap soccer.. I dont really know what that is either but I guess I will find out.. I am thinking you play soccer with soap..? 
But I'm pretty excited to shred the tracks. Some people call me the Danica Patrick of my generation.
Also heard the Chiefs lost, but its okay I am not worried. I have recieved very important Intel that they are looking to sign Andris Biedrins to the team. He made great impressions at last years combines but was overlooked when he chose basketball. He now tells me he will be suiting up for both sports. So basically we will see the Chiefs in the Bowl.
I also named my neighbor horse friend.. I named him Dillard.. he just looked like a Dillard. Trust me you would have given the same name if you guys could see him. I am in the middle of training him for the next horse derby and I think he has a really great shot at winning. I am also training my brazillian comp. here to be jockey because derby regulations state that I am indeed too tall but I am looking to find a way. 

As for this week I dont have a whole lot to report. My companions knees are still having big trouble and so the work has been a little more difficult. But President Reber ( MIssion Prez) made the journey down here to Rondon√≤polis to have interviews and to check up on us. My interview was great.. It went a little like this.. Elder, everything well? Everything is great Prez. Well I have already heard great things from your two companions and you're already speaking the language extremely well.  So... all is well have any questions for me? ... Literally so short and everyone else took a long time and after told me prez was getting after them a little bit ( in a loving way of course) 
But made me feel good that prez already loves me. After my comp said he told prez I am ready to be a zone leader or assistant to the prez and started laughing.. and well now I am really nervous about transfers...

But all here is great still.. Our baptism is moved to next sunday because we are still working on getting the signature.. but we have other people who are progressing also so I am faithful despite the many hardships and determined to baptize here this week! 

Well I love you all and wish you all a great week! 

Elder Marc Daddy

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