Monday, November 11, 2013

Interesting Week

Sooo this week was extremely interesting.. EXTREMELY interesting! 
So, this week was pretty slow.. started the week off in the Hospital for my companions knees. Gave him medicine and we will see what they will do after the meds dont help. Because of my companions knees, the work this week was a little slow.. I think he is going to be transfrered to work in the mission office in Cuiaba, but we will see.

So, Wednesday I woke up about 4 am out on the street..? I guess I slept walked again, but I am just glad I wasnt too far from the house.  And, I luckily recognized where I was cuz it could have been very interesting if I woke up lost. 
But even so, it was one of the most disorienting experiences to wake up on the street.. hahaha I am soo weird. 
As if that wasnt enough akward sleeping experiences in one week, I woke up friday morning with a Cat in my bed.. I was so freaked when I woke up.  Man I jumped out of Bed so fast.. My companion joked saying I must have slept walked and robbed someones cat but I am pretty positive the cat just came into the house and decided to snuggle on up.. So basically what I am trying to say is my sleep was absolutley great this week and was perfect. ( just to make Edee happy ) 

Friday night we had dinner with my Brazilian buddy who speaks english.. and it was one of the most interesting nights. He took us to a really nice restaurant cuz I am american. Ordered for me, saying thats what americans eat. The whole time he talked about how great america is and that brazilian people are stupid and all these ridiculous things, and my companion started to get a little offended I think.  I was just trying hard not to laugh at how serious this guy was about america. He wants to be buried in an American flag with pink floyd playing in the background.  (pretty classy funeral if you ask me ). He also started dancing really strange and said oh this is how americans dance.. So of course to egg him on I mimicked his dancing.  He then told me he was more american than I was and I said okay hold up there pal.... too far..... But he was a really cool guy, he left everything he loved in America to marry his wife here and support their son.. I have respect for that. I helped him write a letter in English to his sons who live in NJ and wont talk to him, and he said some pretty angry things so I simply wrote nice things cuz he cant really read english and sent it haha  Hopefully his sons enjoy the letter. Oh one last thing about him.. at dinner he told me he was a Criminal, and did money laundry and at first I hear murdered somebody because of his accent. But it was indeed money laundry. So after being scared almost all dinner that he murdered somebody, it was good to clarify he did money laundry.. But he already served his time and honestly could see he is trying to change. It was a great night!

Sunday came and both our baptism fell through because the mom wont give us her signature for her kids... but we reactivated one of her sons that was already baptized and he went out 3 times with us this week and is preparing for his mission in 2 years. So hopefully through him, one day his mom will give signatures for the other children. BUT we marked another baptism for next sunday with another young man with 14 years named Wàtila and hopefully his mom will give permission.. Pray for the signature!  Also sunday when i arrived Bispo asked me to conduct the first meeting and lesson ( without prep. ) and I did it and it went good (law of chastity) thanks Bishop.. and then Sacrament meeting came and last minute he asked me to give a talk for 10 minutes so I winged that one too.. haha was a great Sunday! Will relate my talk next week, this email is already longer than the winning streak the pacers are going to have (Matt) GO WARRIORS.. Steph Curry!
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Love you all so much and hope you have another great week!

Elder Marcus Phipps

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