Monday, November 25, 2013

Eyyyyy Ai

Lots going on right now! To start the week last monday all the Èlders got together here in Rond. and raced the karts. I made a bet with my companion that who lost between us had to shave only one leg.. and on a turn he rammed me and both of our karts started really slow after, so it was literally a snails race between us.  But my leg is happy to report that I won. So Elder Pereira is currently hairless on his right leg. 
Tuesday we called the mom of a young man that came to church to set up a lesson and she said yes. 
Turns out when we got there she had told us that she has a friend that has been pressuring her to go to church but she always told her friend she will go to church when she finds one that touches her heart.
Not knowing this.. I made the first invite.. ``when god touches your heart that these things really are true, you will be baptized following the example of Jesus Christ?`` She said of course, and we continued with the lesson.. At the end she told us she had been saying NO to everyone who tried to talk about religion with her.. but when we called she said yes without wanting to. She said it felt like she was forced to. And, she told us at the end that because of this we were truly sent from the Lord. It was a really cool experience and testimony builder that Jesus really does prepare his people to hear His message! She and her family have their Baptism this sunday.. Unfortunately Prez Reber is taking us missionaries out of this area completely because its been really dangerous and the members of our area have been so bad. This was sad for me cuz I wont get to be there for the baptism of them but the Elders in the ward close promised to take good care of them for me! 
So as I had just said we are being taken out of this area and its being closed for a little while, and so my companion and I are headed to Campo Grande. Its Mato Grosso do sul. Everyone is jealous becuase it is known to be the `heaven` of the cuiabà mission so on the other hand i am really excited! I have heard it is a 18 hour bus ride and knowing my luck so far with the whole bus ride thing i am a little nervous. We are leaving at Midnight and SHOULD arrive sometime tomorow afternoon, but we will see! 
Also thankyou soo much for the Christmas package! I havent opened any of the letters or things yet but i am diggin the shirt and the notebooks were really needed! I think i will start reading the letters on the long bus ride so I am sure I will have lots to write about next week! 
Well, as always I love you all and wish you the best Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for each of you and all the support. Take some time this week and just focus on the blessings in life, we recieve more than we ever realize! Much Love my people.

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