Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dezembro Already!

I cant believe its already December.. where did the year go? So like I said last week,  I was transfered again down to the south in an area called colonel antonino in Campo Grande. I am loving it here! By far its my favorite area yet and its only been a week. Its a little bit colder here, and when I say its a little bit colder its actually still at least 100+ everyday.. But at night its usualy pretty perfect. Here its like Tererê heaven.. its cheaper here and they have way more variety.. I bought herb of tutti fruity today so I am pretty excited to give a try! My new Companion is Elder Bowers from Oregon and I already really like him. He played football in highschool and has about a year on the mission. 
So.. lets talk about the week!
I left Rondonòpolis at midnight last pday and arrived about 10 in the morning here in Comp Grande ( happy to report there were no bus problems and I slept the whole ride there) in saying that I still havent read my letters but I am starting to open a few every night.. gives me something exciting to look forward to at the end of each day. This week my new comp and I have been able to work ALOT! He doesnt have any knee problems so we have been working a LOT
We already have 3 baptisms marked for this sunday and they are really firm so I am pretty excited for this week. One is a 22 year old dating a 16 yr old in the ward. He is awesome and is truly trying to make changes in his life but he has always been really hesitant about baptism.. We were able to have a strong lesson about mosiah 18 and how we only have things to gain through baptism and nothing to lose.. He then accpeted the day of 8 this month and so we only have to work around his work schedule.. so baptism could be thursday. We have two others that were a reference and they both accepted the day 15. Its a mom and her daughter! We have only had one lesson with them so far but they are already such great people and super excited about their baptism. We also found a family with 3 daughters and they took quite the attraction to me.. The whole lesson they were climbing all over me and giving me hugs.. Which was actually perfect becasue the dad at the beginning was really closed, but after the lesson and I think he noticed how much his daughters loved us, we gained his trust and confidence. Truly a very special family. One of the daughters has 8 years and she whispered in my ear after the lesson.. ``I didnt know that Jesus had power.. I want to talk about Jesus to the whole world`` it was really cute. It really remimded me how much I miss the kiddos back home and how truly grateful I am for my family. I am excited to get to know them and work with them more this week! 

Also, what I always thought was impossible happened.. I forgot about Thanksgiving.. haha But luckily an Elder called us to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving that night so my companion and I quicky acted. Obviously turkey isnt obtainable here sooooo... we went with the next best, most American thing we could think of and bought a giant hamburger the size of a pizza.. it was 35cm long and weighed 3.3 kilos which is like 8 pounds i think.. and it came with fries and soda.. so to say the least.. we feasted pretty epicly. 

Well to wrap this week up I am absolutely loving it here in Campo Grande. The members are great and are always feeding us. The work is really progressing here and I am excited for the week that is to come. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and an even better closing of the year! Te amo cada um de vocês!

Warm Regards,
Marcus Phipps

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