Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Well i would like to start of this week with a funny story that took place. Sunday we had lunch at the Bishops house. We ate outside. I went to use the bathroom and as i entered the house their son with about 5 yrs. is sitting in the living room playing video games. Normal. I use the bathroom and on my way out he stops me and says, ``Hey what are you doing`` I replied with `` i was in the bathroom`` .. He then makes a valid question.. ``Oh yeah and what were you doing in the bathroom?`` I pondered the valid question and replied..``I was peeing my friend`` and this is where he caught me offgaurd.. His response was this genuine compliment.. ``Oh, You pee really well!`` I  told the Bishop after and we cracked up a good while. 

Well this week was absolutely insane. There was another emergency transfer in our zone and so we had to be in a tri-companionship for the week caring for two areas.. As for our baptisms they didnt happen.. one needs to get married and the others had to work so this week they didnt happen, but they are firm so this transfer they will for sure! Unfortunately i will not be there to see them because i have been transfered yet again.. I am pretty sad becasue i am leaving a ward i really had grown to love in a real short time, but i am excited for my new calling and oppurtunity. I will now be serving up in Cuiaba as assistent to the Prez.. I am real nervous but i know the Lord will help me out along the way. I am excited though to get to work more closely with President and really build a bond with him.  I guess we will just have to see how it goes, i dont know too much still about it all. 

Well thats about all i have you you guys this week, But thanks for all the constant love and support. I love and miss you all! 

Tender Hugs,
Elder Phipps

1.) Irma Iza who made dinner for us about everynight.. she is the reason i gained like 6 pounds this month!
2.) Bispo and the fam.. Clever Son!
3.) My other fav fam. Marilene and Morgana made Beijinho (Kisses) for me going away.
4.) Fam from Coronel Ant. When i passed there came to visit me sunday. Their boy Nicholos is huge now than from when i last saw them, Look back at the fotos i have sent to see the difference!
5.) Family Night!!

P.s. Also forgot to mention last sunday my companion and I sang in sacrament meeting and everyone cried.. i am not sure if it ws because i sing THAT bad.. or why but i can now cross sing in sacrament meeting off my mission bucket list ahhaha..

Monday, July 21, 2014

Whatup My People!

Well i dont have too much time this week, but glad to hear everyone is doing well. This week was good, the zone is getting much better! As for my comp and I looks like we should have 3 baptisms this week, but we might push 2 back another week, but i have faith! One is Lucas who is the husband of a less active family. He is super awesome and progressing a ton! Our last lesson was really spriritual and when we tried to commit him to baptism he thought for a little while and said that he doesnt feel completely ready, but he trusts us and knows we will get him ready for the 26th! He also told us he really wants us to baptize him because we have helped him so much! They are a family real special! 

This week as we were visiting our 77 yr old less active JaĆ­ra.. I told her i didnt know how to dance very well.. she then jumped up, grabbed me by the arm and made me dance with her.. hahah it was hilarious. She then told me i need to practice to dance more with her because i dance terrible... hah The member we were with was cracking up trying to take pics becasue she thought is was priceless. As Sweet always used to tell me ´´umm Uncle Marcus you need to practice`` looks like her advice still applies today. 

Other than that i dont have too much to report on this week, but know i love you all !!

Much love for my people,

Elder Phipps

1.) My lovely dance partner
2.)Brasil livin
3.) My city