Saturday, August 10, 2013

VISA is here!

Well, my visa is here!  Which means I am heading off to Brazil!!!!! It also means I get to quicky email the fam traveling plans and such! I depart the MTC this Tuesday Aug. 6th at 4:45am and take a train to the SLC airport. I fly on delta and leave SLC at 9:48 and land in Minneapolis, MN at 1:22 PM. I then depart there at 3:35 PM and land in Sao Paulo, Brazil at 7:20 AM on august 7th.. Talk about a full day of travel.  I am super excitied to get in Brazil but im gonna miss my friends Ive already made here.  Dont know of anyone else I know who received their visas either, so most likely traveling with Elders I haven't ever met.  But, it will still be exciting! Any news on Nicks?  I havent seen him yet today to ask..  It says I am the travel leader, so I think I am in charge of the 10 of us heading down which should be interesting. hahah  Not sure why they picked me, but i am gonna try my best to not lose any Elders/sisters on the journey!  I also probably need my new set of Scriptures before I head out.  So, mom anyway you can get those to me on or by Monday?  That would be so great!!  Not that I havent enjoyed using yours, they actualy have a lot of very cool insights, but i think your probably going to want your own back! Thanks to all that wrote me.  I loved the letters and am in the process of writing back so hopefully I can finish those before i depart! Also, shoutout to Sis for getting the blog up and running I am sure it looks great!  Not sure if I will get to email again next week because my whole pday I will be traveling. Hopefully I will get one when I get there. Another shoutout to the Fam and the Mods for all the Inspiring notes and packages, helps so much on this journey to have all your love and support!  But, I love you all so much and thanks for all the support!
Stay Classy USA,
Elder Marcus Phipps

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