Monday, September 23, 2013

What up What up What up

Hope all is well! well this week has been kinda annoying.. we had zone conference and leadership conference and 3 other meetings so i had to travel a bunch down to the town.. (1 hour and a 30 min trav.) 3 days in a row.. and so we ran out of water.. so we have been without water for 4 days now.. which has sucked.... BUT! the work goes on and we were able to shower at a members house once so we are making do and still working hard! we had 5 investigators at church this week, 2 commited to baptism but i only think one will go through.. and he have a Family that wants to be baptized but doesnt want to get married so we are working with them towards marriage so they can be baptized too! so despite all the things that have been a little chato, it was still a great week!
Ladies and Gents, i have been introduced to Tererê!!!! so aqui in brazil tea is encouraged and its a little diferente so its actually really good for you. Like everyone drinks it all the time and its culture so we do too and the first time it was terrible.. but now i drink it all day ery day.. you drink it out of a bull horn and with a straw spoon thingy called a bomba.. but i am on a search for the best flavor.. so far its between mint and lemon.. but i will send pics! there are like a billion culture rules when drinking it, like Always finish and pass to the person who set it up each time for the next person and cant move the straw thing.. its really weird but its super legit and i just feel cool drinking out a bull horn all day! I will send pics of it!
Well people, the gift of tongues is real.. a guy stopped me on the street and started arguing about how the bible can only be right because thats how it is and i totally confounded him.. i was like okay buddy.. say you had two sons one in Jerusalém and one in Américas.. would you talk to both or just one? and he said both duhhh.. and i said oh interesting thats exactly how it is with the Bible and the Book of Mormon.. Jesus had a people in Jerusalém and Américas and so he communicated with both and showed him 2 nephi 29 and bore my testimony and he had no idea what to do so i gave him the book of mórmon and said read it, its true and nicely signed from Elder phipps and contor.. haha i guess i could have gone about it a better way but i think he got the idea so i see no problem!
I bought a súper legit radio and i can play music from a pin drive so i can download music onto my pin drive and thats been nice to get some music, yes they are efy songs and hyms but they are way good!
Things i miss.. besides the fam and peeps. Pizza..Brick oven Pizza. being able to work out, and shoes.. and most of all having water all the time!
Well i dont have much more for this week but i love you all and hope you all blessed this week!
Love you long time,
Marc the Shark
P.s. my bishop looks like Barack Obama, no joke... i asked him if he knew and he said yes but one problem.. He was darker than Barack haha i thought it was really funny!
Also, Mitch where you at brooooo?? also Mitch please update me on Jordan shoes i feel seperation issues and i need to know so i can have you buy me some when they are release! i really want the Thunder 4!!!

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