Monday, September 16, 2013



Hey everyone, hows it going? Hope everyone had a great week! Like always, i dont know where to begin so i will start simple.. had to go into the city this week and so i got to eat mcdonalds! it was soooo goood (words i never thought i would say) but also here in Cuiabá all the workers wear jeans with a huge yellow embroided M on the butt.. its so classy and think it should be mandatory at all mcdonalds. Also in case you were wondering Ronald is still just as creepy here as he is in the States! Also, they eats roots here... ?? why... i dont know but they dont really taste like anything but they are just really hard to eat.. kind of like eating bark.. But sure i will role with it. Every lunch we eat with a member and its great! Its like thanksgiving everyday! They make so much food and it is sooo good.. well most of the time sometimes you get pretty weird things but i have been lucky so far!

Wednesday, we taught my homie Valcelnir.. let me tell you a little about him. so the first time we met he was smoking a cig up and asked us to come teach him so we were like okay why not. He then tells us the 20 minute story and we was very animated and said he was super sick and had a dream that his spirit was leaving him but he yelled out JESUS and then he was saved.. he then proceeded to tell us that becasue of this he thinks he is Jesus... and at this point i am just like you have got to be kidding me right now..haha  but anyways we taught him and asked him to come to church not really thinking he would becasue well he thinks he Jesus and doesnt need no religion.. anyways sunday rolls around and my companion and i are waiting outside for our investigators to come and sure enough i see this tiny 4 seater car with his 5 person ffamily come rollling up honking the horn, huge smile yelling our names.. i look to my companion and said ´´i dont believe it´´ and ´´well church today could get very interesting´´ BUT here is where it gets cool.. His family loved church and closed their shop just to keep the sabath day.. they are now all wanted to be baptized and have the most faith i have ever seen.. so as soon as we can get them legally married and stop his smoking problem we can baptize them which will be awesome! It was a really good lesson that everyone can suprise and not to judge people cuz you never know who is ready for the gospel.

Also , had my first baptism this week! i baptized a 9 year old boy named Jonathon Fernandes Ferrida Da Silva.. that was a mouth full but it went really well and i didnt mess up in portuguese! I forgot my Camera USB chord so i will have to send pics next week i apologize... Other than that we had 12 Investigators come to church this week so were excited to work with them this week towards baptism! 

Well its really tough here and extremely tiring and my feet hurt really bad all the time..and hair cuts are twice as sketchy here as they are in Sao Paulo.. and my haircut today they cut my ear with a straight blade..? thanks.. and i am going to but one to shave with so i can look cool down here.. BUT i love it. Nothing like seeing peoples eyes light up when they understand something and see the light of Christ.They people are awesome and the work is awesome! Well i hope you all are continually blessed and have a great week! Keep it real like a fishline!

Warm Regards,

Marcus Phipps

Also! My address is... 

Av. Hist. Rubens De Mendonça, 1731
Sala 10, Bairro: Consil
Cuiabá - MT
CEP: 78050-975

Now the kiddos can send their letters here and everyone else too, i am accepting all letters, drawings, packages, or anything else at the moment.. well at all moments 

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