Monday, September 30, 2013


Well, another week has passed already!  Can you believe it?  I think I figured out why missions go by so fast.. I think its because when serving, we are on the Lords errand, on the Lords time and the Lord doesnt use time so when we lose ourselves in the work one day its Tuesday and tomorow will be Friday. Just my thoughts, but seriously time flies!

I honestly have not the slightest idea of what to say for this week.. BUT it was a good one!  This week we have 4 batismal dates and 3 set for the next week so me and my companion are stoked with many possibilities and hope none fall through! 

Also, just so everyone knows, we have water again!!!  Yay, best news I have ever gotten..  I never realized how much we need water until you go without it for a week... My gosh we use water for everything!  Dishes, shower, drink, everything! So, I am pretty excited to have it this week if you couldnt tell!

So, my investigator (Rogerio) is awesome still!  We meet every night and drink tererê to help him quit smoking. 
He seriously accepts everything so humbly, and marks his Book of Mormon and always confirms everything with me. Everything, its great.  And everytime we mark a time to meet again he always calls that morning to confirm and I am just like wait isnt that our job?  But he dropped from 16 cigarros to 5 in 3 days so the progression is great!  He played soccer with the youth the other night and it was hilarous.  Everyone here is soooo good at soccer cuz thats all they do.. and I am not that great but i kicked it and it hit a youth and rogerio comes walking over and says `´cara quase acrobar meu amigo`´ with a huge smile which means man, you almost broke my homie.. hah he is 27 and loves the YM.  But, the people here are great!  So humble, always willing! 

Also this Sunday was fast Sunday, so we fasted for rogerio to help him quit smoking and its incredible the progression he has made. I have gained a grande testomunho about fasting, prayer, livro de mormon, and everything.  I seriously love the BOM, like its the best and the Novo Testamento too because they are just great and help guide me every time I read! 
Its important not to just read, but to read with purpose.  Read to find an answer.  Read to gain something.. but dont just read to say you've read. 

This week I painted a house.. well a hut looking thing, I dont know if I would call it a house.  It was an inactive and it took forever because well when painting a hut its not like painting a house where one coat or maybe two is good..  It took 6 and 7 in some parts.. wish I had a pic but I forgot my camera for the day.. but thats not whats important.. Whats important is she has returned to church and will be reactivated next week! 

Last item of business.. The food is ridiculous. I am not joking when I say every lunch is Thanksgiving.. I eat so much but I dont eat breakfast or dinner so I have to eat a bunch for lunch.  We dont get time for dinner really, so i just skip it and snack when I get back for the night because there are just too many people we have to visit and teach and other things, which is a very very good thing!  I will sacrifice dinner to change someones life any day.

I lied and this is the last item of business, only because I wanted to save this for last...... 
Well this week I had to eat man parts of a horse.. yupp no lie.  It was with a member for lunch and lunch was great!
Soooo good and then she brings out two circle things one for me and my companion and I had no idea what it was or called.  To be polite I took a bite and thought it tasted a little different than anything I have tried before and my companion starts laughing and says ``good huh? you want mine?`` then explaining what it was... 
All in all to summarize my experience, it actually wasnt terrible when I didnt know what it was.  Don't get me wrong it wasn't by any means good.. and I would prefer not to get it again.  But, I am pretty stoked to get my first bad food experience out of the way!

Well as always you are all in my prayers and I love you guys!

Much love from Cuiabá!

Big Marcus

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