Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hey Americanos and Bulgarian!
Lets see, hasn't really been to crazy of a week!  I finally got the letter from TIFF and sweet and falcon.. I loved it! hahaha  Sweet cracks me up!   And, I quote... "I know your on a Mission because you are the most famous of them all.'  And,  "I know you will come back, cuz you always come back."  I miss all the kiddos, I feel like they are growing up way to fast and I haven't been gone too long.. slow them down!  
Also, I got new Brazilharos roomates!  Also, 5 more days and I am off to Cuiaba! So, if you are sending me any letters or things wait a week and I will get you my new address..!  Also, they a have a huge candy store here and I have started a CTM wide trend with these chocolate cookies..  People act supprised i know my sweets. ha  But, now everyone buys them and you never see someone not eating euros cookies.
Also, I think you guys will like this.. So, I was selected to be in a 40 person choir and uhh the director asked for anyone with a lot of experience and a good singer.  So obviously, I naturally raised my hand and yeah turns out Im First Tenor, which I dont even know what FT exactly does!  So, I am interested to see what happenes next rehearsal when everyone figures out I am tone deph... haha  Also, I tried to bribe our secretary here to let me conduct the going away number.. I didnt get it unfortunately.  I guess a lot of heart and spirit isnt enough to be a conductor..  Also my instructor Merichelli tries to always speak Engrish and he asked my companion how his 'thong' was and all of us were really confused and he kept asking and then we finally realized that he was trying to say tongue, and it was super funny!
Today is my last Pday here, and we went to the Sao Paulo Templo and one of the workers looked just like van deisel, so i was pretty pumped about that.  Mike and Matt would have loved him!  We have a new sister, and so I am in a quad companionship with two elders and a sister..  Dont ask how it works, I am still trying to figure it out but all four of us have to go everywhere together, and its so weird.  But, we use our quad membership to expand our range of within sight and sound so we can cover more ground.  Still trying to figure out a way to use it so get cookies from across the street during class..  well at least i am!
Also Elder Zenteno came into my room again, and started crying because he left last week and said he was going to miss me so much.  And so i traded ties with him and he gave me some Bolivian things which was cool. He then bore probably the most powerful testomony I may have ever heard.  He was supposed to have his whole leg amputated off, but prayed he could be okay so he could serve a Mission, and they were able to do a surgery and keep his leg.  That was a super cool miracle and a great testimony builder for me.  I already miss my big Bolivian, but he is going to be so awesome he has the biggest heart!
Not really sure what else to add besides I love all of you and hope all is going well! I pray for you guys every night! I love getting your emails and letters so please keep sending them! I will get you my new adress next week and let you  know all the details.  Crazy to think I only have 5 more days here in Sao Paulo.  I am super excited to hit the amazon of Cuiaba!
Much Love my people!
Com Sinceridade,
Big Elder Marcus Phipps

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