Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hey fam!

Well, I am here in Cuiabà!  I met prez Reber he is pretty awesome!  I also met my new companion and he seems really awesome as well!  My Portuguese is getting there, I am getting pretty good at understanding.  I really need to work on speaking without studdering all the time.  My companion only has 7 months left so he is really experienced, and he is American from Oregon.  So, I think he will be really good at trraining me and helping me learn the language!  Also I got off the plane here in Cuiabà and its really, really hot and humid!  And then I come to find out its cold today??  That is never good news..  And also in the MTC whenever I would tell any Brazilharos I was going to Cuiabà they would laugh and say good luck, and they would tell me its so hot its preperation for Hell..   And well they werent kidding cuz its really hot and its the winter here.. haha  But, I only get a quick 5 minutes to let you guys know I am here and my p day will be on Monday. I will send pics this week because I will actually be able to!  I hope all is well! Tudo bem!  Also, I got my first area and everyone else I traveled with is heading to the Grande sol which is a 14 hour transfer all the way South, where its a little bit chillier.  I am staying here in the north of Cuiabà.. and no matter what they say they arent transfering me out until I catch a monkey and train him to hand out Book of Mormons for me.

Com Sinceridade, 

´´Big´´ Marcus Phipps

P.s. the keyboards here actually function very well (despite my million typos) so i can actually use question marks now????? whooo hoooo okay i have to go, but Much love to my Fam, homies, and friends, thugs, peeps, and MIke.. I will get you an address on Monday! 

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