Monday, September 9, 2013

26 investigators NBD


Okay! So, let me see here! I am not exactly sure how to start this email, because there is so much! 
Well, let me start with this, my first area and I am litterally serving in the Jungle..  Like I am in an area called morada da serra which is in moto grosso which is literally translated to ´´Thick Jungle`´ and that is exactly what it is!  It is so hot here, and we walk for ever! I already have terrible tan lines from my watch and shirt and even through my shirt I have a tie tan line.. not sure how that happens, but I have accepted it as my friend.  
My first day here my comp and I walked 4 hours in 100 plus degrees just to get to a members house for lunch.. I would say we walk about 7 hours of the day on average.  So yeah my feet hurt really really bad.  But, the food here is amazing!  Its always rice and beans and then some kind of meat.  The people here are really, great and super inviting.  
They have a lot of faith too, so no matter what we get invited in to teach a lesson about the gospel even if its just to be polite.  Its nice cuz I dont feel like I am being rejected all the time.  Its also hard to because you can never tell who is just being polite or who genuinely cares!  My portuguese is coming along.. I understand really well, but cant speak too well yet..  They can understand me, but I just have to speak slow and sound like an idiot, but its okay because the Brazilaros are always helping me! 

On Thurday we were walking to an appt and a lady stopped us to give us water and she liked my tie so she invited us back for a lesson.  I was wearing the tie sis gave me, that purple one so thanks sis you are making my job easy!! haha  
Also, while we walk we see dogs ALL the time all over.. and one started chasing me so I took off running and my companion yelled fake throw a rock!  So, I turned and bent down and acted like I was grabbing a rock to throw and the beast stopped and ran away..  I then told my companion I am really glad  that wasnt some kind of joke, cuz the dog was huge and would have destroyed me! haha  It was pretty funny but a good lesson on faith? yeah we will go with that! 
Also, I havent caught a monkey yet.. I have seen a few they are pretty cool!  BUT I came across a wild horse and wanted to saddle it up and have me and my companion travel!  A horse in this jungle, I think it would be a really good way to get everyones attention, besides the fact that were both these tall white guys!

We have taught a bunch of people this week and have 26 new investigators and 4 with bap. dates and 5 came to church with us on Sunday.  So, although we walk for days, its seeming to be worth it and hopefully we can keep up the good work! 
Another thing.. the house i am in is in the favelas, which is the poor of poor and its in the actual jungle.  Living here is very interesting..  I have had to shower by bucket for 4 days this week (nokay)  But, we got a shower thing so I am excited about that for this week!  Also, last funny thing of the week I am kicking myself over.. So, we have a gay neighbor, and he came over 2 nights atraz and asked me who I am living with, and me not thinking reply.. ´´oh just with my partner´´ and then I realized what I had said.  But, it was too late he was just standing there and he just smiled with his 2 missing front teeth and I told him we work together, I have to go bye! And its really akward now,  hahahahah  He tries to come over all the time now and Im just like bro please leave you have the complete wrong idea!

Other than that we have some really cool progressing investigators.. One has a little girl about Sweets age and every time we see her she runs up and hugs my  leg, and every time I think of Sweet hugging my leg after my farewell talk..  I miss all the kiddos so much!  I also miss the fam!  No emails this week from any siblings besides Mitch, so thats dissapointing.. Step up your game Mike, Matt and Sis!  Well, thats pretty much my week!  I love brasil and the jungle..  I feel like bare grillz trying to survive out here, but the people are awesome and cant wait to have some cool spiritual experiences with them that I can share next week!  I hope all is well and I love you all a lot! 

Com sinceridade,
Elder Marcus Phipps

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