Monday, January 27, 2014

I turn 20 this week... :O

Well another week has come and gone and faster than ever. My companion and I had another really good week. Wasnt quite as good as our last week but we are going to work and watching miracles happen! 
This week we had continued to work with all our new investigators, CecĂ­lia and her son Weber have a date for the 9th! 
We also have been working with Jonny and his Family this week a lot and he is a very interesting guy, but we had an awesome little experience yesterday with him! So, he has had trouble receiving an answer if he should be baptized and we have a date set with him as a goal but he wants to get an answer. He was been really praying all week trying to get an answer, but everytime we met with him he told us he still hasnt felt it. This was a little discouraging to me because I wanted him to get this answer so bad, but I knew I had to stay patient and not pressure it. Anyway last night he called at 10 pm and started asking about fasting.. I explained you start with prayer and then begin your fast. He told me right then he was going to start a fast to know if we were truly sent to him from God and if he should be baptized.. I was caught so off gaurd and am so confidente he will get his answer as he is puting forth so much Faith! My companion and I decided we should fast with him so we are doing that too. I know he is on the right track! Who knows after he is baptized his whole Family will decide to follow him too! The Lord truly throws little miracles and blessings as we do his work obediently and diligently!
This week my companion and I kept up our contacts goal and had 31 this week! We picked up some really cool new investigators as well! We taught a Family we contacted on Friday and they accepted to be baptized which was super cool! The other thing is she isnt divorced from her last husband and they just moved in together.. this will make the process a lot longer and more complicated but I am excited to continue helping and working with them to get there!
Well I cant believe i am turning 20 this week.. that is just kinda a step back for me.. and I feel super old as I am no longer a teenager anymore. On the bright side 20 is my fav number so after this birthday I will just stay at 20 forever.. kinda like dad is still 44. Well its been a great week and I am excited to keep it going! I think today we are going to play some bball cuz some kid from another Ward challenged me..? no idea how he knows anything about me, but should be fun!
Hope you all have another great week and know I miss and love you all! keep it real!! Last email as a teenager! Peace out youth.

Elder Phippizinho!
1. Got soaked from the rain 3 times in 1 day... its raining A LOT up here.. and its still hot
2. Zone meeting from last week!

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