Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcome to the 20's!

Well I have now been 20 for 3 days and I have already learned a few important things:
1.) When you Wake up, you usually have odd pains in the back.
2.) You gain lots of weight in the belly área.
3.) Your hair starts turning grey.. wait thats later in life..
I need to start writing things down to share what happens during the week, because everything just kinda meshes together and I feel like I forget a lot of things.. but hey it was another great week here in Coronel Antonino of Campo Grande! 
My companion and I have been continuing on working super hard with contacts and it has been pushing our work and blessings to the next level. We are finding some great people which is starting to turn into success. We have 5 baptisms marked as of now from just last week so we just gotta throw them in some water and help them stay Strong!
This week we continued to help Jonny and he is a little difficult because he thinks too hard about things and ends up confusing himself. We have taught the Restoration like 4 times, and he still tries to think that families are symbolism for getting revelation about fasting and idk what else.. BUT he continued to tell us ``it isnt his time yet`` and I told him look here Jonny its your time and he told us about a dream he had and asked us what it meant, I told him it means he needs to get baptized and it will only bless his life. He looks at me and said ``i think its my time!`` So I marked him for the 9th.. Just gotta help him stay on this train of thought and help him stay Strong!
This week we also found a super cool Family and they accepted to be baptized! They are super awesome and curious about everything which is good! We will continue to help them and get to know them better. And our last date is a niece of a member and she moved here and we brought her to church and she liked it so much she wants to get baptized. She has 12 years and is super cool! We are going to baptise her saturday and confirm her sunday!
The work is going on! 
It was cool to be a missionary on my birthday.. Only get that oppurtunity 2 times in my life so I gotta take advantage, I also bought a lot of chocolate and went crazy!
Well I hope all is well with everyone at home and I hope you all have another blessed week! Also I will start preparing myself for Family Fued mom!
Elder BAMF Phipps
``Being around my friends``

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