Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Well, I will go ahead and kick off this one with tranfers.. I stayed! I am super pumped because I love this Ward and this área! My companion was transfered though so I am gonna miss that guy. 
Anyway I turned Senior Comp. and my new companion is Elder Lino. Gonna be a real tough transfer but I am excited for the challenges and new experiences!
Last P-day we went to this place called CRAS which is like a zoo here for endagered and trafficked animals here in Brasil. I love the birds here! They had Tucans and Araras which are my 2 fav birds. They had a bunch of monkeys.. even a monkey dog that kept trying to reach and take my câmera.. maybe new favorite animal! And, even had a Cougar! That made me a little homesick wanting to go back to BYU!  But hey its all good, it was soo cool! I got a lot of awesome pics of all the animals!
This week I dont really have too much to report unfortunately. Gabriela was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost this Sunday which was way cool. She even bought this little dress so she could start wearing it to Church.. gotta love the little sis. 
This week I was pretty distracted because they started this world cup promotion. You have to find 4 coke caps and pay 3 reis and you get a mini waterbottle of teams around the world.. I am determined to collect them all so as I am walking the streets I always have my eyes looking for coke caps! Its so addicting!
Also, Sunday we spent our last night of the transfer at Helena´s house. Her daughter made us mexican food!! It was soo good and it has been too long since I have had mexican tacos. She also made guacamole and I am in love with her homemade guac.. seriously. We also made chocolate cake obviously because someone was craving chocolate.. I am not sure who..
Valentines Day got pretty crazy too... I did missionary work.. but anyway it was a good last week! I am super pumped for this transfer, gonna be a tough one, but we got a lot of really great things going on here in Coronel Antonino!

I miss and love you all as always,
Elder Marcus Phipps

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