Monday, February 10, 2014

The week of loooooove!

Well might as well kick the letter off with a quick Happy Valentines to all you love birds out there!
Okay that is enough of that.. 

Well this week was good! My companion and I were out working all week but at the end our numbers didnt feel too rewarding.. 
But we had a baptism so it was all worth it! This week we baptized a 12 year old girl and she is super awesome! She is literally like my little sister.. we are Always joking with each other and she is super funny! Her name is Gabriela. She was super awesome to teach because she is super smart and understands everything. She also has a pretty funny imagination, so she asks a lot of deep questions that get me.. like one time she asked if it was possible that heaven is inside the sun.. I mean its a valid question..! Anyway It was super cool though because all week when we were teaching her she would always say team with the tie says first prayer and team of the house says closing prayer.. And then at her baptism she came up to me and said team with the tie says first prayer and I say the closing prayer.. just like when we would teach her. It was super awesome as she said the closing prayer in front of everyone there and it was perfect! I am not really sure how to say this in english, but she is padr√£ozinha! I am super excited for her and her being baptized is super awesome because she is a niece of a less active named Daniela and she came and brought her family and so she is helping them be more active and more excited about church!
Other than that this week was pretty average. We walked in the Sun a lot. Talked and met a ton of cool people. And had some pretty cool lessons. Jonny told us he received an answer to his prayers but that he wants another answer and he has said that now 3 times.. so I told him he has got his answer and now he needs to follow it. He told me he will pray and fast about if he should follow all the answers he has received.. so I guess thats progress? Anyway we will see this week!
Today for pday we are going to go to this mini zoo and see all the animals in this region. I am super excited because I have seen some pretty sweet Birds here but i want close ups! Any we got a tour guide and are going to explore with the guide a little bit!

Well, its the last week of the transfers so everyone is starting to get nervous.. I dont ever want to leave this √°rea.. It will be super hard when this day comes. I really feel like a giant Family here with the members of this Ward. Last night we went to Moms house (Brasilian mom Helena) and we made Brownies and mango juice.. I LOVE BROWNIES AND CHOCOLATE!
Miss and hope you all have a great love filled week with lots of chocolate for valentines day..!
Much love,
Sweet Lips Phipps

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