Monday, January 20, 2014

We getting busy here!

Well this week was really really good for my companion and I. We have decided we just want to go to work and see what blessings come and so thats what we did. This week we set some higher goals than the average, and we almost hit all of them. Just this week we were able to get 18 new investigators! not to shabby.. This week we mainly worked on getting new investigators and finding new people so we could find the elect! We also worked on just trying to get all of them to come to church. We are also teaching almost all families which is super rare here in Brasil. BUT! We had 4 investigators at church which I would have liked more for the work we put in but it was mostly because 2 families went out of town but they are super excited to go to church the next week! So I am happy with the results!
This week we are going to be working with all our new people and try to mark all their baptism dates! I am super excited for this week as we will see our fruits of our labor, at least I am praying!
One of our investigators that came to Church is a 27 year old. He is super cool and really liked church. I taught gospel doctrine about the war in Heaven and it was super cool because he participated and really looked like he made the click that we really chose to come to Earth and be tried so we could become more like Christ. We then went to his house later that afternoon and we taught his whole Family and he was explaining the Book of Mórmon to his Family because he had already read the intro and other parts.. it was really cool! We are going to go back on tuesday and mark the baptism dates of the whole fam! I really want to baptize this Family.. they are so awesome and I really want to baptize a Family. I want to give a Family the same joy that mine has because of this gospel!
I am excited to keep the work going this week and help these people come closer to Christ! Its been a cool week as I have really felt his help. I know when we set goals and push them he will help us reach them. He put people in our path all week long as we walked the streets in 110 degree heat here. Been a really cool week but now we just gotta turn these new investigators into new members!!
Hope everyone has a great week and Birthday Shoutout to my 2 little buddies Falcon and Jeremy! Hitten the big 3 years.. be careful tomorow they will be turning 20..
Much Love!
Elder ``Buckets`` Phipps
P.s. its Always been about gettin buckets.. (for Mike)

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