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December 16, 2013

So this week was probably one of the worst weeks I will have on the mission but its all good! This week took a turn for bad starting tuesday morning.. I was doing some pull ups in house for exercize and my knees were bent at 90 angle and the bar broke and I fell a good 6 feet directly on my knees on the tile.. yeah it hurt really really bad. I was sent to the hospital to get it checked out and it was a miracle but I dont have anything broken so thats the good news. 
I still have a lot of inflamation so its hard to know if my knees will heal or I will have some more problems but its been almost a week now and they are still hurting a lot so I will just keep on my meds and ice and pray I wont have any serious or lasting problems. With saying this my companion and I had to stay in house almost the whole week because I am not able to walk much and the doctor told me not to for a week to see how they react or progress.. 
But dont worry the week gets better the 5 days we had to stay in house, 4 of the days we didnt have water because missionaries here in last september didnt pay the bill and it took 4 days to get water again so this week was a little difficult. And as a result of no water and things my companion and I are starting to get sick.. but its like Christmas in 9 days so none of that stuff matters its only the time to be HAPPY!! I am so excited for Christmas!
BUT! even with the terrible week it was, my companion and I were still blessed to have a baptism. His name is Rodrigo and was the 21 year old we have been teaching. We baptized him in a pool that went up to his neck haha it was so awesome! We baptized him at the Ward Christmas party at the outdoor park with a pool and so it was a really special experience with the whole Ward there to support him in his decision to be baptized. I am coming to learn dispite all trials and tribulations the world throws at us, there are few better feelings than witnessing and helping someone change their life completely to follow Christ and putting to test all the promises he makes with us. Rodrigo is an extremely humble guy and I really learned how we can always be improving in life to become more like Christ. Its a really cool feeling watching someone completely change in front of your eyes and see how much more happy he is becoming. Times like this that make being far away from friends and Family, having almost broken knees, going days without water, and all the other trials we have in life worth it. It makes me feel like me being here is making a difference and makes those things so little in the big picure. I am happy.. and not just becuase its almost Christmas.. haha but as Always I love and miss you guys and cant wait to Skype my People in 9 days! Hope you all have another blessed and amazing week leading up to Christmas, I know I have a lot to be thankful for. 
Warmest and most tender regards,

Elder Marcus Phipps

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