Monday, January 13, 2014

Through the eyes of Elder Phipps

Well the first week of this transfer was really good! 
My comp and I decided we wanted to really do well at making more contacts (no not physical) so we could better find the elect and those prepared for us! The first week is always the hardest of a transfer but we managed to break our mission standard by 5 which isn't crazy but its better, and we are looking to keep building on that! We found some elect this week and are excited to teach them!  I will let you guys know next week how it went. 
One street we decided to cantact everyone and I am convinced it was a miracle street because everyone was really nice and invited us back this week so my comp and I really liked that street as you could imagine.
Well this week we showed up to one of our investigators house, and he was wasted so that always makes for an interesting lesson.. We are gonna head back one more time this week and try some goals and hope it goes well!  But we have been working with 2 small families this week who are actually neighbors! The mom (Eliane) of a Family of 4 looked like this week during one lesson it just hit her that this was all true, but she didnt end up coming to church so we are going to head there this week and see what happened. The other small Family is of this girl who looks 16 but has a child of 2 years and we actually havent met her husband cuz he works far and a lot! But they are an awesome little family, we are going to continue to help them this week and try and meet with them when the husband can meet too. We left the Book of Mórmon last time we met with both of them and so I am excited to see if they have read a little and what they thought.
Today we are going to play soccer against the other zone here in Campo Grande and with my White american talent you can imagine how it usually goes down against the brasilians... I would just love to play them in bball so they can experience how I feel playing soccer.. haha but its a good time! Its been raining a lot here! like I took 2 baths in the rain this week as we were walking the streets.. the rain just comes out of nowhere and then were soaked the rest of the day but hey I love Brasil!
Well I think thats all I have this week but I love all you guys so much and just know  am happy and loving it here! Nothing better than what I have the oppurtunity to do here these 2 years! Pray for you all Always. Also a huge special congrats to Matt and Kate on finding out its a girl! Super exciting News! You can still name her Marcus if you want its a pretty cool name!
The Warmest Regards,
Elder Marcus ´Neymar` Phipps Jr.

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