Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

Whadup my people! I hope you guys all had an awesome Christmas back home, I loved my first Christmas in Brasil. Its a little diferente here because its really hot and everyone shoots off these fire work bombs in the street so I felt like I was living in Iraq or it was the 4th of July but it was still really great!
I really loved being able to talk to everyone on Skype. Man I missed seeing you guys. I have definitely learned that there is no such thing as Christmas without the Family. Glad to see Mitchs teeth are doing a lot better too.
This week I had the oppurtunity to buy some presentes for a Family whos dad had left and so its just a mom and her three little ones. We stopped by and gave them presentes Christmas morning and it was so awesome to see how excited their faces got. I could also really tell that the mom was extremely grateful. It was an awesome experience!
Well, this week will be pretty short as I have already explained everything on Skype but it was still a good week! We met an older man and started teaching him. He has probably 60 years and his name is Antônio. We commited him to be baptized for 5 of January but he went to the hospital on sunday so had to miss church. We will pass by this week again and really work with him to get him ready. He is kinda funny to talk to because he just has this sweetest little voice and just very good to everything! We are also working with a man, who is a new investigator we have. His whole Family are members but he has a drinking problem. He told us he wants to change but cant do it on his own. He wants to be a good father for his Family but doesnt want to affiliate with the Church on sundays and then go and do wrong things during the week. We are going to make some goals with him this week and help him get rid of some habits, so he can be a better male figure and father of the house. Our baptisms from last week were confirmed and they are all doing really well and are extremely happy!
Well thats about all I have for this week but I hope all had a Merry Christmas and all have an awesome New Year! 2014 lessss goooo!
Much Love,
Elder Marcus Phipps

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