Monday, January 6, 2014


Welcome 2014! Well this week I really dont have too much to report. Monday was p-day and we hit up some markets around the city and then tuesday was new years eve and our presidente let us all stay out till 12:30 to celebrate so my companion and I went with our Ward mission Leader to a party at his sisters house and it got pretty crazy. Here I felt like I was living in a call of duty game with all the fireworks and mini bomb things everyone was throwing in the streets, but it was way awesome! We had a huge feast there and of course it was rice, beans, tomatões, and all kinds of meat, so it was super good! After we headed back to our house and and we got a p-day the next day, we pretty much slept and then went and played soccer with the zone and some members. I miss basketball.. but it was still really fun!
This week we continued to work with our old little investigator who wants to be baptized but is Always busy to get to church. This week we couldnt get him there because turns out he rocks out the cordion and so he traveled to play with a group of guys. Cant imagine how exciting four 70 year olds playing the accordian would be, but I would hit up a concert! We started working with her niece too and she is an interesting one. She said her husband threats to kill her and all these crazy stories and I am pretty sure she was half drunk, so who knows.  But anyway we helped her understand the importance of a husband and he should be helping her progress. She traveled too so we werent able to bring her to church, but she is very interested so we will be working more with them this week!
Well transfers came and I am staying in the same área here and with the same companion which I am stoked about because I really like this área and my companion. We are excited for the Transfer and to see where the new year will take us! I cant believe I will be 20 in less than a month.. that is crazy to think about and I am starting to feel real old here. But I am loving it here and cant wait to let you guys know how the next week went!
Like I said, didnt have anything real exciting this week, but hope you all have an awesome beginning of the new year and set some good goals! Goals get us places!

Love jungle fever,
Elder Marcus Phipps

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